October 29, 2018

Ai Newsletters

The fast-moving pace of AI can make it tricky to stay up-to-date with latest news and developments. While there are many popular newsletters run by organizations, I find the most helpful come from individuals working directly in the field. Here are a few of my favorites; have I missed any you would recommend?

Ai Alignment

This is a fantastic newsletter focusing on technical AI safety run by Rohin Shah, a researcher at the Center for Human-Compatible AI (where I work). It provides summaries of key papers and thoughtful opinions, and is highly recommended for anyone interested in technical AI alignment research. Although it covers a lot of papers, there is a handy highlights’ section for those short on time. Read past issues here and sign up here.

Import Ai

Jack Clark is Policy Director at OpenAI and his popular Import AI newsletter is invaluable for staying on top of AI capability development. Every issue also includes a delightful short sci-fi story inspired by current ideas and trends. Read past issues and sign up here.


Jeff Ding is the China lead for the Future of Humanity Institutes Governance of AI Program. His ChinAI newsletter provides critical insights into China, a key global AI player. As well as rounding up China-related thought-pieces from English AI media, Jeff painstakingly translates key Chinese news, opinions, and interviews, and offers fascinating cultural insights. Read past issues and sign up here.


Charlotte Stixs new EuropeanAI newsletter is a timely addition to the AI newsletter landscape. It is conveniently broken up into sections on Policy, Strategy and Regulation’, Numbers’, and Ecosystem’, to give a well-rounded picture of news and developments relevant to AI in Europe. Read past issues here and sign up here.


Although this one comes from an organization, founder Tabitha Goldstaub gives CognitionXs newsletters a personal feel. You can choose from multiple options tailored to a variety of AI sub-interests, including ethics, the future of work, climate change, and more. I particularly recommend the AI Weekly Roundup for a good overview of news about applied AI.