Speaker Bio

Rosie Campbell is a Technical Program Manager at OpenAI, where she leads a team of safety specialists working on the responsible use of large language models. Previously, she was Head of Safety-Critical AI at the Partnership on AI, where she focused on responsible publication practices for increasingly advanced AI research. Before that, Rosie was the Assistant Director of the Center for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI)—a technical AI safety research group at UC Berkeley working towards provably beneficial AI—and continues to advise the group on strategy and operations. Before that, Rosie worked as a research engineer at BBC R&D, a multidisciplinary research lab based in the UK. There, she worked on emerging technologies for media and broadcasting, including an award-winning project exploring the use of AI in media production.

Rosie holds a Master’s in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s in Physics, and has additional academic experience in Philosophy and Machine Learning. While in Manchester she co-founded Manchester Futurists, a thriving community group which explores the social implications of emerging tech, as well as the BBCs Machine Learning Special Interest Group. Rosie was recently named one of 100 Brilliant Women to follow in AI Ethics.

Rosie is a productivity nerd and enjoys thinking and writing about how to optimize systems, and how to use reason and evidence to improve the world.

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