February 21, 2022



the costs are hedonic, they can be monetized as well. A monetary cost of a specified (low) amount is less than a time cost of a specified (high) amount. If we believe that costs are simply costs, then sludge might be characterized as a kind of cost, whose magnitude can be quantified and monetized. The only response is that qualitative distinctions are useful, and there is an important qualitative distinction between (say) a tax or a fine on the one hand and a pointless form-filling requirement on the other.”

  • With a tax or fine, the money can be used by someone else. With pointless form filling, the cost’ evaporates
  • Often find myself persevering through sludge even if I know it’s a bad use of my time, for some greater good
  • Do we have a moral obligation to minimize bureaucracy? Everyone says they hate it.