February 11, 2022

Reactions to Alexey Guzey’s Thesis on Sleep

  • Anecdotally I feel way better when I get 7 hours sleep than when I get more

  • I buy the idea that I could function just fine if I regularly slept around 6 hours (maybe even less) as long as those hours were good quality

  • This all feels a bit naturalistic fallacy-y to me:

    Sleepiness, just like hunger, is normal”

    Does this sound”natural“?”

  • I feel like with both hunger and tiredness - neither are good” to feel… Ideally I would eat just enough to never feel uncomfortably hungry but also not enough to be overweight - same with sleep. I think it’s very possible to eat the right amount and never feel hungry

  • What I mean is: if making sure I sometimes feel hungry is a mechanism to make sure I don’t overeat, but there are other mechanisms I can use (such as counting calories, eating low caloric density food etc) I would prefer to do that and not feel the hunger

  • A lot of the argument seems to hinge on the premise that oversleeping leads to depression, i.e. it has serious downsides. That seems plausible but my prior is much more that the causation is in the other direction? Whereas with eating too much, we are very very clear on the negative side effects of that. If oversleeping doesn’t actually lead to depression, I don’t see an issue with people sleeping lots because it makes them feel good

  • I would maybe buy that there are different types of depression, and the type of depression caused by oversleeping is best treated by sleep deprivation, but is the argument that sleep deprivation can treat the kind depression that we normally think of as being triggered e.g. by grief, trauma, other stuff?

  • I guess it just seems much more likely that being depressed makes you lose interest in doing stuff, so you just spend your time sleeping since there’s nothing else to do… I also buy that doing that could worsen the depression, but mostly because you’re missing out on doing meaningful things and socializing etc, not directly because of oversleeping