June 13, 2020

Motivation-Based Productivity


She found that she can work two, four, or even six more hours per day when it’s fun than when it’s not. Because of this extra time, blocking in time to do whatever feels intrinsically motivating turns out to be much more productive than devoting 100% of her day to her top priority. Tara-Mac-Auley: Don’t know exactly how to describe this, but I don’t react well to feeling like there’s something that I have to do or I’m expected to do, or having restrictions on my time. I think a lot of people use tools or apps to block various websites or make it slow to load their email or Slack or anything distracting. All of those things backfire for me, and then they just make me really miserable. So I think developing some kind of compassion for myself, and recognizing that I’m inclined to, I don’t know, do unproductive things, there’s probably a reason for that. Maybe I should actually rethink my current approach to the task, or reconsider how important it is, or just take a break, or go chat to a friend or something, you know? I guess I kind of use that as a signal that something is not right about my current situation.