January 1, 2020

Immigration Lawyers

  • API Law
    • Not used - recommended by Peter McIntyre:
  • EIG Law
    • Used for my PAI perm process, and partner’s O1
    • Pretty good experience, seem generally competent and responsive, but don’t have experience is some stuff like NIW green cards
  • Roberts immigration
    • Using for partner’s NIW
    • Y Combinator lawyers - know how startups work, lots of success with this kind of thing. Would generally consider them a very safe bet even if it takes a while.
    • Popular and busy so response times can be slow. Mostly work with associates though you can get calls with Peter directly.
  • Troy Law
    • Used for one of my H1Bs, partner’s E2
    • Nice to work with but noticed some errors - not great attention to detail
  • Erinna Delle Brodsky
    • Comes highly recommended from a former PAI colleague