June 2, 2020

Feynman Technique

  1. Choose the concept you want to understand
  2. Take a blank piece of paper, write the name of that concept at the top of the page
  3. Explain the idea to yourself as if you were teaching it to someone who does not understand it at all
  4. Whenever you get stuck, go back to the reference material, lectures or a teacher assistant and re-read or re-learn the material until you get it enough that you can explain it on the paper
  5. Whenever you write down a wordy or a confusing explanation for something, try either to simplify the language, or create an analogy to understand it better
  6. (If you want to understand something even better or remember it even better, further try to develop, simplify and improve the explanation)
  7. (A good self-test of what you’ve learned is to go through your technique without looking at any reference material at any point and see if you can explain it deeply)