May 30, 2020

Butternut Squash Pasta

Really healthy but doesn’t taste like it - the butternut makes a really creamy sauce.


  1. Chop up butternut squash (skin removed), season and roast in the oven with some oil (takes about an hour).
  2. About halfway through, add some red onions (peeled and quartered), some garlic cloves and some sage leaves to the roasting dish.
  3. Meanwhile, cook some pasta (linguine works well for this).
  4. Once all the veg is cooked, use a stick blender or other means to blend it into a smooth, creamy sauce.
  5. Add some pasta water or milk if you need to loosen it. Stir it into the pasta until it coats it. Season to taste. You can also add halved cherry tomatoes, spinach and/or cheese at this stage if you like!
  6. Just stir through on the hob until warmed through.